Study Reveals 54% of Women Hide Sex Toys

by admin on July 29, 2018, 3:26 pm

Amherst, New Hampshire – One of the world’s top online sex toy retailers,, surveyed over 1,000 females to discover over 54% of women hide sex toys from their partner.

“He’s not at all comfortable about them, he’d be embarrassed. I take great pains to make sure this does not happen,” Miranda Brie said, as she described what it would be like if her partner found her hidden sex toys.

“I’ve never showed him my toys. Some things you don’t want to share,” Joan Susan explained.

For over 17 years, has been a leading resource for people who want to better their intimate relationships, making their sole focus to help enhance the sex lives of women and couples around the world. So when they learned that 1 in every 2 women hide sex toys from their partner, they had to ask why?

“What intimidates me most is that even though we’ve been together for 6 years coming up, I still get embarrassed when we do certain things,” Jossie Hope explained.

Susan said, “I like using [sex toys] on my own cause I know what I like. I don’t like having to explain to him what I like.”

Sex toys are an incredible way to intensify your love making sessions, but still, out of 1,413 women, 767 women are hiding them from their partner. At, their experts encourage couples to add sex toys into play because it brings more spontaneity and thrilling experiences to the bedroom. However, the study shows women confess to having a harder time convincing their partner to play with toys.

“He knew I had them but didn’t want to know that I used them and there was no way he would have used them with me,” Meridith Heilm said.

Christy Bree used to hide her sex toys, “But now I have a better partner,” she stated. “With my ex, I hid a very simple basic vibrator. It wasn’t even phallic in shape, and I only used it to vibe my clit. But I was anxious about sharing it with him. Then he found it and immediately wanted me to get rid of it because it was ‘bigger’ than him.”

“I know a lot of people can feel insecure when toys are brought into the picture, they feel like they aren’t good enough to please their partner,” Hope said.

If you’re thinking of having the conversation with your partner, it’s with utmost importance that women explain the toy does not, and could not ever replace the real feel of the person you love. Even though there might be a toy involved, it’s still your partner delivering the pleasure! It’s all about having good communication.

“If I have to hide it then I’m in the wrong relationship,” Betty Frederick said.

The survey was conducted to study sexual preferences and practices between couples. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the women interviewed. For additional information please contact TooTimid.comMarketing Associate Bethany Ricciardi at 603.943.7712 or To learn more about the sex toy retailer, please visit their website,